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Family Life in a Pandemic

How are we supposed to raise a family in all of this?

Family Life in a Pandemic

Like many, we are navigating uncharted waters: e-learning and working remotely from home; social distancing taking away everything from in-person Eucharistic worship to gym memberships; daily news ramping up fear and uncertainty .How are we supposed to raise a family in all of this?

If you think about it, we’ve seen worse. We have it within us to rise to this challenge — we’re parents, for goodness sake! We’ve already seen our social lives decimated after having kids. We’ve weathered sleep deprivation and blown-out diapers. We’ve endured public humiliation with tantrums in grocery stores. What’s a little social distancing?

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Beth Wright

Beth Wright
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Beth Wright is passionate about lifelong catechesis. Although she has served adults,  children, families and youth in the faith for over twenty years, she continues to seek new ways to help families be the "domestic church". She holds a Master's Degree in Theological Studies from the Neuhoff School of Ministry at the University of Dallas and is an Affiliate Instructor in their Certificate of Pastoral Ministry program.