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Mar 19     Family Life      Website (Sitio Web) - Spiritual enrichment for Family Life

Articles, reflections and book recommendations on aiding families in their spiritual growth and enrichment. was started by Lisa Hendey in 2000 to create a community for Catholic parents to share insights on living their faith with their family. The website has grown substantially over the years to become a rich resource for all Catholics seeking spiritual enrichment for their families.  It continues to provide fresh perspectives from the enriching columnists and contributors with daily articles and reflections as well as book and tech recommendations.

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Michael Stratman

Michael Stratman
Associate Director of Family Life
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Michael Stratman, holds a Master in Pastoral Ministry from the School of Ministry at the University of Dallas, and has been in ministry for eleven years including family life, faith formation and youth ministry. Michael holds a certificate in Theology of the Body, and also serves as a trainer for sponsor mentor couples.