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Caring for Older Adults in time of distancing

This is an article provided by the Institute for Family Studies that provides some practical advice and tips for checking in on our older adult family and friends during these times

This is an article providing practical advice on how to care for older adults during this time of social distancing in the midst of COVID-19. 


The need for social distancing has a negative impact on all of us, but particularly for the elderly, who desperately need and thrive upon social gatherings and physical touch. A 2019 study found that when older adults interacted with people outside of normal friendship and family circles, they “were more likely to have higher levels of physical activity, greater positive moods, and fewer negative feelings.” Loneliness and social isolation can have the opposite effect on the health of older people. For older Americans whose families are distant, or who live alone, social distancing can feel especially isolating. In the U.S., 27% of those aged 60 and older already live alone, more than any other country. Being restricted to being home alone can cause even more anxiety.

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Michael Stratman

Michael Stratman
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Michael Stratman, holds a Master in Pastoral Ministry from the School of Ministry at the University of Dallas, and has been in ministry for eleven years including family life, faith formation and youth ministry. Michael holds a certificate in Theology of the Body, and also serves as a trainer for sponsor mentor couples.