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COVID-19 9.12.2012

Texas Bishops Launch New Policy Web Site in Time for Election, Legislative Session

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    The Texas Catholic Bishops’ Conference has launched a revamped web site,, to educate and encourage Catholics to raise their voices on central issues of the Catholic faith that affect the marginalized and vulnerable.

    The revitalized web site provides Catholics with timely, pertinent information regarding the upcoming election and 83rd state legislative session.

    The Texas Catholic Conference represents the state’s Catholic Bishops in the public policy arena and strives to galvanize the state’s 7 million Catholics to learn about the Church’s policy positions and communicate with their elected officials on these issues. The new site launches the Lone Star Catholic Blog which features policy articles written by Texas Catholic Conference staff.  The blog has a new integrated commenting feature in order to encourage discussion to help build community, understanding and dialogue among state Catholics on the Bishops’ policy concerns.

    In addition to providing information on the intersection of the Catholic faith and public policy, the Conference seeks to facilitate the education and discussion of these issues by offering more social network sharing options for readers. The site’s news sections offer social share buttons to help Catholics share useful information on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or by email. The Conference web site plays a prominent role in educating the Bishops’ diocesan staff and grassroots Catholics across the state on the policy positions and actions of the Texas Catholic Conference. In previous sessions the Conference has shared testimony, committee video feeds, urgent action alerts, live committee and floor updates, and bill movement information.

    The Texas Catholic Conference is the association of the 15 Roman Catholic dioceses of the State of Texas and is the official public policy voice of the Bishops of Texas.

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