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Pro-Life Bill Progresses / House Vote Likely Tuesday, July 9

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    A Second Chance to Protect Life

    The Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops extends its most sincere thanks to all those who came out to support Life this past week. Your efforts paid off.

    At midnight on July 2, the House State Affairs Committee voted out House Bill 2--the Pro-life Omnibus Bill--to be considered by the full House of Representatives as early as Tuesday, July 9, 2013. The celebration was shared by the thousands of pro-life supporters who came to the Capitol Monday and Tuesday to have their voices heard.

    For the hearing Tuesday, we had an amazing 2,400 pro-lifers show up to testify, twice the 1,200 that showed up Monday to counter-protest Planned Parenthood and NARAL. The Capitol was awash in a sea of pro-life blue and the switchboards and inboxes were flooded with your calls and email messages.

    Your help is still needed

    The next major step is Tuesday, July 9, when the full House is expected to vote for passage. The Texas Catholic Conference is hosting a prayer gathering with Senator Eddie Lucio on the South Steps of the Capitol at 9 am that morning, followed by a quick procession up to the House gallery for the vote. The Senate MAY then receive the bill and take its own vote later that day. Please make plans to come to the Capitol before 9 am to share this historic moment with us.

    Share this action alert with anyone committed to saving lives--your fellow parishioners, friends, family, coworkers--and come to the Capitol on Tuesday to protect the life and safety of Texas women and the unborn. Come wearing Pro-Life Blue. Parking is available at the garage at San Jacinto and 12th Streets downtown; curbside parking is available north and east of the Capitol and garage parking at the University of Texas Campus a short walk away.

    Above all else, please keep in touch and informed about the protection of life through Twitter using either hash tag #stand4life or #TXCatholic

    How to get involved

    Travel to Austin: Email the Catholic Pro-Life Committee at if you would like to join the group in riding a bus to Austin on Tuesday to lend your support.

    Support from home ...

    1. Pray! Pray for all who are traveling to Austin, for all who will be testifying on behalf of life, for our legislators, and for everyone involved – on both sides. Pray for the protection of all, and for the conversion of hearts of those who support abortion. (Click here for pro-life prayers.)
    2. Tweet! Join the #Stand4Life tweetfest.
    3. Make Contact! Call or email your state representative and state senator to urge his or her support of the renewed efforts to pass pro-life legislation in the second session. (Find your state representatives here.)
    4. Watch for our additional updates as the Special Session continues.

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