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Parish Religious Education Week Debuts in November

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    Under the auspices of the Religious Education Department, the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) is inaugurating a Parish Religious Education Week in November to highlight the important role played by parish-based religious education and faith-formation programs across the country. This year’s observance is Nov. 3 to 9, and the plan is to observe the week annually on the first full week in November.

    The week will complement the observance of Catechetical Sunday. It also will build on the current celebrations of dioceses and regions across the country, providing a national focus on the important role parishes serve in educating and forming people in the Catholic faith.

    Download the celebration guide in English or Spanish now!

    According to Lori Dahlhoff, director of the Religious Education Department, Parish Religious Education Week will honor all those serving in parish religious education and help strengthen interconnections between Catholic parish and school education programs. "It will help educate folks about what is happening in parish religious education and why it's important,” Dahlhoff said.

    More than two-thirds of Catholic children and youth in the United States, along with adults, receive formal religious education in more than 17,000 parishes.

    This year’s theme is “Encountering Christ Every Day/Encuentro con Cristo cada dia.”

    Resource materials will be available to underscore the significant place of the parish in catechesis and to highlight diverse models for parish-based programs. The materials will also offer suggestions for honoring partners in parish religious education and life-long faith formation, especially for Parish Catechetical Leader Appreciation Day, Nov. 6.

    Thank you to our Parish Catechetical Leaders!

    All Saints

    Kathy McDermott

    Blessed Sacrament

    Jose Francisco Manzo

    Cathedral Guadalupe

    Imelda Ramirez

    Christ the King

    Charlotte Dooley


    Patrick O'Sullivan

    Church of the Incarnation

    Denise Phillips

    Corpus Christi

    Maria Gutierrez


    Marta Cadena

    Divine Mercy

    Ana Davila

    Epiphany Mission

    Ashlie Hallenbeck

    Good Shepherd

    Blanca Alanis


    Olivia Cruz

    Holy Cross

    Paula Martinez

    Holy Family of Nazareth

    Linda Moses


    Mary Kay  Lubbers-Reyes

    Holy Family Van Alstyne

    Janis Hicks

    Holy Spirit

    Deborah Garrison


    Lindee Greer

    Holy Trinity

    Elizabeth  Delgado

    Immaculate Conception- Cors.

    Gerardo Alvarado

    Immaculate Conception-GP

    Gabriel Lopez


    Micaela Miramontez


    Sr. Mary Paul Haase

    Mary Immaculate

    Bris Fuentes


    Sefanit Mekonnen

    Beth Crouch

    María Jimenez

    Mother of Perpetual Help

    Sout Ngo


    Sr. Janine  Vân

    Nuestra Señora del Pilar

    Maria Angeles Amo


    Reina Martinez

    Our Lady of Angels

    Shawn  French


    Elizabeth Anne Adams


    Sue Parker


    Jennifer Hardy

    Our Lady of Fatima

    Paul Weinberger

    Our Lady of Lourdes

    Amy Rodriguez

    Our Lady of Perpetual Help

    Paula Aramburo

    Our Lady of San Juan/St. Theresa

    Susanna Ramirez


    Hugo Salinas

    Our Lady of the Lake

    Sarah  Campbell


    Julie Aldridge

    Prince of Peace

    Kay Elliott

    Sacred Heart

    Esther Garcia

    Sacred Heart of Jesus Chinese

    Louisa Chimkwan-Chow

    Sacred Heart of Jesus Vietnamese

    Hao Phan

    San Juan Diego

    Lupita Frausto


    Maria  Martinez

    Santa Clara of Assisi

    Patricia Rodriguez

    St. Andrew Kim

    John Lee

    St. Ann Parish-Kaufman

    Karim Sullivan

    St. Ann-Coppell

    Debbie Kaluza


    Tena Allain


    Marie Zavala

    Ruth Rivedeneyra

    St. Anthony-Dallas

    Denis Corbin

    St. Anthony-Wylie

    Lucy Cavazos

    St. Augustine

    Arabelia Martinez

    St. Bernard of Clairveaux

    Sandra Godina


    Lisela  Morales

    St. Cecilia

    Estella  Castillo

    St. Edward

    Rita Lopez


    Rosanely Suarez

    St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

    Bruce Baumann


    Denise Gilbert


    Raylene Juneau


    Laura Eberius

    St. Elizabeth of Hungary

    Elizabeth Seidemann

    St. Elizabeth-Bonham

    Denise Kapp

    St. Francis of Assisi-Frisco

    David Utsler


    Niki MacDougall


    Jenny Rhode

    St. Francis of Assisi-Lancaster

    Sherry Granello

    St. Francis of Assisi-Whitesboro

    Margaret Pack

    St. Gabriel the Archangel

    Page Sanders


    Dawn Purcell

    St. James

    Jane  Gray

    St. John Nepomucene

    Ashlie Hallenbeck

    St. John the Apostle -Terrell

    Susan Warner

    St. Joseph Vietnamese-GP

    Helen  Ta

    St. Joseph-Commerce

    Brenda Mulcahy

    St. Joseph-Richardson

    Ann Thomas

    St. Joseph-Waxahachie

    James  Speelman

    St. Jude-Allen

    Julie Buchanan


    Mary Boyle


    Brenda Farmer

    St. Luke

    Therese Frank


    Daniel Segovia


    Jacinta  Tran

    St. Mark the Evangelist

    Debbie Betz

    St. Martin of Tours- Forney

    Beth Wright

    St. Mary of Carmel

    E. Josie Tellez

    St. Mary-Sherman

    Annie Kremer

    St. Michael the Archangel-G

    Sherri  Williams

    St. Michael the Archangel-GP

    Ileana Cantu

    St. Michael the Archangel-MK

    Jimmy Perkins


    Yolanda Perez

    St. Monica

    Mariangela Byrne


    Maria  Rocha

    St. Patrick-Dallas

    Marty Noel

    St. Patrick-Denison

    Ryan Buchanan

    St. Paul the Apostle

    Beckie  Soto

    St. Peter the Apostle

    Marcella Savala-Hamilton

    St. Peter Vietnamese- Garland

    Hoang Nguyen

    St. Philip the Apostle

    Ginna Curts


    Carmen Therese Lazo

    St. Pius X

    Maria Elena Quiroz


    Anita St Clair

    St. Rita

    Fr. Joshua Whitfield


    Susan Sheetz

    St. Thomas Aquinas

    Brandon Barker

    St. Thomas Aquinas

    Erin Antosh

    St. William

    Paul Weinberger


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