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COVID-19 9.26.2013

Day of the Catechist - September 28 & 29

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    Bishop Farrell  has asked those in Parish Leadership to recognize and appreciate the Catechists working in their parish on the Day of the Catechist, this September 28th and 29th, 2013.

    The Day started as a event in the Diocese of Rome as part of the Year of Faith celebrations, with a conference to be held before the Day of the Catechist celebration.  

    The National Catholic Education Association picked up on the theme and is promoting this day as a day to honor those who catechize and evangelize.  Many Dioceses, including the Catholic Diocese of Dallas, have now decided to honor their catechists with thanksgiving and appreciation for their good works on this day.  

    We hope Parishes will take the time to do something to show recognition for these selfless volunteers.  Here are some suggestions:

    • Personally thank each your Catechists this weekend
    • Share a small treat or craft
    • Send them each a thank you card
    • Ask your pastor to recognize and thank them from the pulpit on Sunday
    • Include the Catechists in one of the Sunday petitions.
    • Include special prayers, asking God’s blessing on those among us willing to give their time so that others may learn the way of the Lord!

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