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Catholic Schools of Dallas First Day of Classes Schedule

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    Schedule for First Day of Classes by School

    Catholic School First Day of Class
    All Saints Aug 15
    Bishop Dunne Aug 15
    Bishop Lynch Aug 12
    Christ the King Aug 19
    Good Shepherd Aug 21
    Holy Family of Nazareth Aug 14
    Holy Trinity Aug 19
    Immaculate Conception Aug 19
    James L. Collins Aug 19
    John Paul II Aug 19
    Mary Immaculate Aug 14
    OLPH Aug 19
    Prince of Peace Aug 20
    St. Augustine Aug 19
    St. Bernard of Clairvoux Aug 19
    St. Cecilia Aug 12
    Santa Clara of Assisi Aug 19
    St. Elizabeth of Hungary Aug 15
    St. Joseph, Richardson Aug 21
    St. Joseph, Waxahachie Aug 13
    St. Luke Aug 14
    St. Mark the Evangelist Aug 19
    St. Mary Aug 19
    St. Mary of Carmel Aug 14
    St. Monica Aug 19
    St. Patrick Aug 21
    St. Paul the Apostle Aug 20
    St. Philip the Apostle Aug 19
    St. Pius X Aug 19
    St. Rita Aug 16
    St. Thomas Aquinas Aug 19
    Cistercian Aug 20
    Jesuit Aug 21
    Mount St. Michael Aug 19
    Notre Dame Aug 21
    The Highlands Aug 13
    Ursuline Aug 19


    Prayer for Students, by St. Thomas Aquinas

    Creator of all things,
    true source of light and wisdom,
    origin of all being,
    graciously let a ray of your light penetrate
    the darkness of my understanding.

    Take from me the double darkness
    in which I have been born,
    an obscurity of sin and ignorance.

    Give me a keen understanding,
    a retentive memory, and
    the ability to grasp things
    correctly and fundamentally.

    Grant me the talent
    of being exact in my explanations
    and the ability to express myself
    with thoroughness and charm.

    Point out the beginning,
    direct the progress,
    and help in the completion.

    I ask this through Christ our Lord.

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