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    Investigations tied to the Pennsylvania grand jury report include mention of a former deacon who was ordained in the Diocese of Dallas. 

    The allegation was reported 22 years after the former deacon had moved from the Diocese of Dallas. There were never any other reports of abuse or inappropriate behavior. The deacon was laicized in 2015.

    The claim of abuse was first made in 2013. The former deacon admitted that he had inappropriately touched a minor who was a close family member and was immediately removed from ministry.  The abuse did not occur on church property or as part of his ministry.  

    He was ordained in 1987 and served in the diocese until 1993 when he moved from the diocese. The vast majority of permanent deacons have other careers and hold jobs outside of their ministries. 

    The Diocese of Dallas prays that God our Heavenly Father will bring comfort and healing to all victims of abuse and to their loved ones.

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