Catholic Diocese of Dallas

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Catholic Diocese of Dallas Community Calendar
Created and sponsored by the Catholic Foundation

The Diocese of Dallas is blessed with a vibrant and growing faith community. Parishes, schools and other Catholic organizations in the diocese have reported that it can be a tremendous challenge to get the word out and create awareness for the most important events in our community.

To assist in this effort, the Office of Communications, in collaboration with The Catholic Foundation, is pleased to announce the creation of an online Diocese of Dallas Catholic Community Calendar - the one place where the most important Catholic events can be posted for all to see.


The Catholic Calendar is being updated to better serve those in the diocese. Thank you for your patience, and we will be live again very soon!


How to Participate in Catholic Diocese of Dallas Community Calendar

The Community Calendar features the following information for each entity or organization:

  • A listing of up to four of your most important events each year
  • The ability to click on a listing and display the Event Details box for that event
  • A live link in the Event Details box to take interested individuals to your event webpage for registration or more details
  • A search function to allow events in future months to be easily found
  • A drop-down box to take viewers to the electronic calendar on your website, if available
  • The calendar will keep a history of past events to assist organizations in planning future events
  • The calendar can be viewed both “events by date” and as a monthly calendar


Community Calendar FAQ's

Who should represent an entity or organization?

Each entity or organization may only have one person at a time who will be responsible for selecting, in consultation with the organization‘s leadership, appropriate events for the calendar. The designated person will then be provided with the information necessary to access the calendar’s online interface and submit the key event details.

How long does it take for an organization to be given a login once a registration form has been submitted?

Login information will be emailed directly to the person submitting the registration information once the application has been reviewed and approved. Please allow up to one week for this process to be completed.

What types of events should be listed on the calendar?

Large events that could affect multiple parishes or entities are the primary focus of this calendar.

Some examples of the types of events that would be appropriate for the calendar are:

  • ABLAZE Young Adult Conference
  • UD Ministry Conference
  • School Graduations
  • Large school galas and fundraisers (i.e. Friar Frenzy 5K and Fun Run, John Paul II Legacy Gala and Auction)


Examples of events that would not be listed on the calendar:

  • Parish Pancake Breakfasts
  • Sporting Events (i.e. school football games, etc.)
  • Parish-focused speaker events


How many entries can be on a calendar for each entity or organization?

Every entity will be allowed to have four active events listed on the calendar at one time. Once an event has occurred, that slot for an event will be freed up and another event can be submitted.

EXAMPLE: All Saints Parish submits four events at one time: a Parish Fundraiser for March 1, a Men's Retreat for April 1, a Youth Conference on July 1, and a Fall Festival on October 1. On March 2nd, All Saints will have a slot open to add another event, as the Parish Fundraiser will no longer be listed on the calendar and only three events will be listed.

All parishes, schools and approved Catholic organizations are encouraged to be a partner on the Catholic Community Calendar. To be included, please complete the form below.

Contact the Office of Communications at 214-379-2876 with any questions, comments or concerns.



Catholic Community Calendar Registration Form

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Information about Primary Contact for your entity (parish, school, organization, etc.)

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