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Office of Communications

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The Office of Communications of the Diocese of Dallas is responsible for all internal and external communications.

Annette Gonzales Taylor, the Director of Communications serves as the official spokesperson for the diocese, and handles all public relations matters and communicates with local and national media regarding stories or issues involving diocesan entities.

Departments and projects of the Office of Communications include: the Diocesan website and social media accounts; the diocesan newspapers (Texas Catholic, Revista Católica); and the annual publication of the official Directory of the Diocese of Dallas.

Texas Catholic is the official newspaper of the Diocese of Dallas, and is a bi-weekly, tabloid newspaper covering international, national and local Catholic news and opinions, as well as religious education topics.

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Annette Gonzales Taylor
Communications Office

Director, Office of Communications
(214) 379-2873

Cynthia Gill Bates
Communications Office

Digital Media Developer
(214) 379-2889

Dora Lopez
Communications Office

Pastoral Center Receptionist
(214) 528-2240

Lorena Gonzalez
Communications Office

Administrative Assistant to the Director of Communications

Maria Beltran
Communications Office

Translator to the Communications Office
(214) 379-2875

Santos Martinez
Communications Office

Digital Media Specialist
(214) 379-2857