Catholic Diocese of Dallas

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Clergy Office


Documents for Clergy


Office of the Clergy

The Office of Clergy coordinates all matters pertaining to the ministry of priests, deacons and seminarians in the diocese.


Director of Continuing Formation of Priests

The Director of Continuing Formation of Priests administers the supervision programs for newly ordained priests and new pastoral administrators. Plans and coordinates spiritual and continuing education programs for priests. 


Vocations Office

The Office of Vocations promotes and raises the level of awareness in our diocese of the need to foster and nourish vocations to the priesthood and religious life for the church. The Office also provides a discernment process by which men and women can be open to the direction of the Holy Spirit in their lives and discover to which specific vocation God is calling them, and assesses and screens potential candidates for diocesan priestly ministry prior to acceptance into the seminary.

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Diaconal Ministry and Formation Office

The Diaconal Ministry and Formation Office oversees and coordinates the ministry and continuing education of deacons in the Diocese of Dallas as well as oversees and coordinates the recruitment and formation of candidates for the diaconate.


Clergy Office Contacts




Rev. Robert Williams
Office of Clergy

Direcor of Continuing Formation of Priests
Holy Trinity Seminary, 3131 Vince Hagen Drive, Irving TX 75062
(972) 438-2212 ext. 527

Most Rev. Greg Kelly
Bishop's Office

Auxiliary Bishop/Vicar General/
Moderator of Curia/Vicar for Clergy
(214) 379-2821

Thelma Trujillo
Bishop's Office

Administrative Assistant to the Auxiliary Bishop / Vicar General / Moderator of Curia / Vicar for Clergy
(214) 379-2821

Claudia Beltran
Diaconal Ministry and Formation Office

Administrative Assistant
(214) 379-2858

Deacon Leo Cortinas
Diaconal Ministry and Formation Office

Interim Director of Diaconal Ministry and Formation
(214) 379-2861

Rev. Edwin Leonard

Director of Vocations
(214) 379-2860

Tammy Grady

Associate Director of Women Vocations
(214) 379-2860

Veronica Biglen

Administrative Assistant - Vocations
(214) 379-2860