Christmas 2021 Mass Times Submission


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Holy Spirit Catholic Parish
1111 W. Danieldale Road, Duncanville, TX 75137

December 24th 4:00 PM (English) *
December 24th 6:00 PM (English) *
December 24th 8:00 PM (Spanish) *
December 25th 12:00 AM (English)
December 25th 9:00 AM (English) *
December 22nd 11:00 AM (English, Spanish) *

Additional Services and Events:
Christmas Eve
Children's Mass at 4:00 pm
English Mass with Covid restrictions at 6:00 pm
Spanish Mass at 8:00 pm
Midnight Mass at 12:00 am

Christmas Day
English Mass at 9:00 am
Bilingual Mass at 11:00 am