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free books for ministry

Free Books! First Come, First Serve!

Listed below are extra books we currently have in our office. Please contact Beth Wright to get your books today.


Loyola Press:

Finding God: Grade 7 & 8 one catechist manual and one textbook each
Christ Our Life/New Evangelization Ed.: Grade 6, 7, & 8 one catechist manual/one textbook each

RCL Benziger:

Be My Disciples/Sean Mis Discipulos: Catechist Guide and textbook
Christ in the New Testament, Christ in the Liturgy, Christ Reveals God’s Mystery
Life in Christ Jesus, Additional Activities, Assessment Tools

Dynamic Catholic:

Blessed Reconciliation: 2 textbooks/ 3 catechist guides/ 1dvd set
Blessed Eucharist: 2 textbooks/ 2 catechist guides/ 1 dvd set