Catholic Diocese of Dallas

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Parish Catechist Resources

Resources specific to the Catholic Diocese of Dallas



Bilingual (both English and Spanish)

  • Course Lookup - Search all catechetical formation courses being offered in the diocese.
  • Knowing Our Faith (PDF) - Resource book for children containing references such as the Ten Commandments, Stations of the Cross, and the seasons of the liturgical year.
  • Prayer Pages/Páginas de Oración (PDF) - Contains standard Catholic prayers such as Our Father, Hail Mary, and creeds.
New Templates to Plan Catechesis for 2016-2017 / Guías de Planeación para la Catequesis 2016-2017
  • Template for planning catechist sessions including important dates and liturgical feasts.  Guía para organizar la catequesis para el año 2016-2017.
  • Generic template for planning catechist sessions (without specific dates) Guia de planeación de la Catequesis (sin fechas). (Microsoft Word)(PDF)
  • Important Dates in 2016-2017 to consider when planning catechesis Fechas importantes para tomar en consideración en el plan catequético (PDF)

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