Catholic Diocese of Dallas

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807. Retreats/Reflection Days

Catechists and ministers in the Church need to have a close relationship with God that is cultivated throughout the year with different activities. Retreats and Days of Reflection offer an opportunity to get away from daily life and come to know God in a more intimate and personal way, to grow their own spirituality, and to improve their prayer life and their relationship with God.


  • By participating in a Retreat/Day of Reflection participants will:
  • Deepen their relationship with God
  • Have a better perspective on the deeper meaning of their life
  • Know God more intimately and personally
  • Read, meditate, and integrate the Word of God into their ministry
  • Have time to pray, reflect, and meditate on God’s presence in their lives

Catechists who are pursuing their Master Catechist Certificate will receive 5 hours of credit of Personal and Spiritual Maturity Elective. Catechists who have already been granted 5 hours of credit of Personal and Spiritual Maturity Elective because they have attended a retreat or day of reflection or catechists who have already obtained their Master Catechist Certificate will receive 5 hours of Continuing Education credit.

807. Retiros/Días de Reflexión

Los Retiros y Días de Reflexión ofrecen una oportunidad para alejarse de la vida cotidiana y conocer a Dios en una manera más íntima y personal, incrementar su espiritualidad y también para mejorar su vida de oración y su relación con Dios.
Tras participar en un Retiro o Día de Reflexión, los participantes:

  • Profundizarán su relación con Dios
  • Tendrán una mejor perspectiva acerca del significado de su vida
  • Conocerán a Dios de una manera más íntima y personal
  • Leerán, meditarán e integrarán la palabra de Dios a su ministerio
  • Tendrán tiempo para orar, reflexionar y meditar acerca de la presencia de Dios en sus vidas
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