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Become a Member of NCCL!

Step 1. Click, verify (1) membership is indicated. Then click Join/Renew.
Step 2. This is the Cart page, verify that the correct membership type is in the cart (Individual Membership). Apply the special PCL coupon code: dallaspcl. Click Update Cart then select Proceed to Check Out. Here is were you will begin to create your membership profile, create a username and password (Hint: strong passwords are preferred). Click Place Order.
Step 3. Once logged in, go to your profile and complete all fields.
*Here are a few very short videos that will assist you in this process as well as how to navigate the site and edit your profile:
**If you already have an active NCCL membership simply log in and renew using the instructions above.

Author: Cheryl Orwig Whapham