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NCCL Registration

Instructions for Activating Membership Profiles

Follow these step by step instructions for full Diocesan membership access to the largest professional catechetical organization in the nation!


Step 1. Click, verify (1) membership is indicated. Then click Join/Renew.

Step 2. This is the Cart page, verify that the correct membership type is in the cart (Individual Membership). Apply the special PCL coupon code dallaspcl . Click Update Cart then select Proceed to Check Out. Here is were you will begin to create your membership profile, create a username and password (Hint: strong passwords are preferred). Click Place Order.

Step 3. Once logged in, go to your profile and complete all fields.

*Here are a few very short videos that will assist you in this process as well as how to navigate the site and edit your profile:

**If you already have an active NCCL membership simply log in and renew using the instructions above.


Author: Cheryl Orwig Whapham