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608 The Letters of Paul


Letters of St. Paul (Course #608) These letters present a great source of Christian theology. They cover a wide range of themes as they give us insight about the Apostle’s teachings with regards to Christ and Christian discipleship, Christian living, obedience to authority, and false prophecy. Paul’s letters encourage new Christians to live a life modeled by Christ, exhorting them to pray and care for one another. In the same way, they clarify some difficult points of doctrine and talk about Paul’s missionary journeys, and imprisonment.


  • Understand Paul’s life, conversion, and ministry
  • Be familiar with the structure of Paul’s letter
  • Describe Paul’s major theological themes
  • Recognize the authentic Letters of Paul
  • Explain the dilemma discussed at the Council of Jerusalem
  • Understand the Pauline concept of atonement
  • Understand Pauline tradition and authorship
  • Understand the relevance of Pauline theology in today's Church