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804 Small Faith Sharing Groups


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Small Faith Sharing Communities have been a model for faith sharing since the early Church and are powerful vehicles for adult faith formation providing opportunities for learning, prayer, mutual support, and the shared experience of Christian living and service to Church and society.11 The best kind of learned faith is the faith which prompts an active response. So it is, that the most ambitious of these faith sharing communities will lead the group to an active response to that learned faith. The group is constantly evangelized and catechized, growing in faith primarily by learning concepts and by sharing the life of the Christian community.


At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Enhance and mature their own faith
  • Deepen their love for God
  • Develop a more profound union with God and one another
  • Recognize God in the ordinary events of their lives
  • Obtain a sense of belonging and mission to their faith community and to the Catholic Church