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502 Mary and the Saints


503. Mary and the Saints

This course offers an appreciation of the role of the Virgin Mary in the History of Salvation and in the life of the Church. It reflects the life of Mary as believer, chosen, disciple, prophet, companion, Mother of God, model of sainthood, and leading figure in veneration. In addition, it offers an explanation with reference to how the veneration of Saints was born within the Roman Catholic Tradition and its development within its history. This course will address the history and pastoral practices concerning veneration of saints, the canonization process and the criteria to declare Mary’s dogmas and apparitions. 

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize Mary as the Mother of God 
  • Identify the presence of Mary in Sacred Scripture 
  • Explain Marian dogmas 
  • Identify Mary’s images throughout the centuries
  • Name and describe Marian devotions
  • Recognize the theological importance of Marian apparitions
  • Appreciate Mary and the Saints as models of faith in the modern world 
  • Explain the canonization process
  • Explain the difference between adoration and veneration
  • Realize the call to holiness
  • Recognize Mary as our companion in our pilgrimage of faith