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603 The Prophets


603. Prophets. The prophets of the Old Testament were special messengers who received a call from God and changed their former way of life to follow it. They were concerned mainly with the requirements

of the moral conduct expected from Israel based on the Mosaic alliance: the faithfulness to
Yahweh and justice towards the poor, the alien, the widow and the orphan. The prophets were
intermediaries between God and his people who delivered his message calling people back to a
right relationship. Through the prophets, God spoke condemning rulers’ oppressive behavior,
idolatry and lack of faith, advocating for the less fortunate. As social revolutionaries, the
prophet’s message represented God’s continual involvement in man’s history and His option for
the poor.

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the pattern of the “call” narratives
  • Identify the main roles and concerns of the prophets
  • Describe the contents and basic themes of the prophetic literature
  • Explain the difference between former and latter prophets
  • Explain the difference between major and minor prophets
  • Identify the relationship between the prophets’ message and the law of Israel
  • Understand the implications of Israel’s unfaithfulness to God
  • Describe false prophecy and its theological implications
  • Explain the character of the messianic prophecy
  • Understand the element of justice in prophecy
  • Apply the prophetic message to their daily lives