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306 Christian Morality


306 Christian Morality teaches us that the moral life is not reduced to a series of prohibitive principles regarding certain kind of life style.  It is an ongoing discovery of how the Spirit lives within us and how the life of the Church nourishes human will to make the right choice regarding our behavior, our way of living, our administration of goods, human care, the promotion of life, and the well-being of all God’s children.  Although these issues seem to be a personal matter, the decisions we make about them have social implications of which we need to be aware

Objectives: At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the basic foundations of a moral life
  • Recognize morality as the human person’s response to the love of God
  • Understand morality as a matter of discipleship and ongoing conversion to values of the Kingdom of God
  • Understand the theology of sin and grace
  • Understand the formation of conscience and moral decision making
  • Identify the foundational sources of Christian Morality: Natural Law, Scripture, and Church Teaching
  • Understand Christian Morality’s social dimension