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604 Wisdom Books


604 Wisdom Books

The wisdom literature of the Bible is the fruit of a movement among ancient oriental people to
gather, preserve and express, usually in aphoristic style, the results of human experience as an aid toward understanding and solving the problems of life. In Israel especially, the movement
concerned itself with such basic and vital problems as man's origin and destiny, his quest for happiness, the problem of suffering, of good and evil in human conduct, of death, and the state beyond the grave. Originating with oral tradition, these formulations found their way into the historical books of the Old Testament in the shape of proverbs, odes, chants, epigrams, and also into those psalms intended for instruction. The highest wisdom became identified with the spirit of God through which the world was created and preserved, and mankind was enlightened. The limitations of Old Testament wisdom served to crystallize the problems of human life and destiny, thus preparing for their solution through New Testament revelation.


At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the wisdom books and their themes
  • Understand the message contained in the wisdom books
  • Identify the literary forms present in the wisdom literature
  • Understand man’s origin and destiny as portrayed in wisdom books
  • Understand how wisdom was a precursor of the Word of God
  • Identify the literary forms used to write these books
  • Explain how these writings made their way to the Canon of the Bible


This is a 5 hour course