Catholic Diocese of Dallas

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Business Office

The business office of the Diocese of Dallas is responsible for parish and school financial reporting, facilities, construction, accounting functions, IT infrastructure and purchasing, and risk management.

Financial Reports

2019 Audited Financial Statements

2019 Summary Financial Report


  • IRS Determination Letter  (August 21, 2019)
    Note: If any further documents are needed to establish 501(c)(3) status, please contact Linda Blasiar at  or (214) 379-2805.

Business Office Contacts

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Linda Blasiar
Business Office

Administrative Assistant to the CFO
(214) 379-2805

Cecilia A. Colbert, CPA
Business Office

Chief Financial Officer
(214) 379-2807

Barry Hanner, CPA
Business Office

Director of Financial Services
(214) 379-2803

Cynthia Herndon
Business Office

Director of Purchasing and Contracts
(214) 379-3161

Debra Hamic Hutchings
Business Office

Director, IT/Network Admin.
(214) 379-2804

Crystal Johnson
Business Office

Accounts Payable, Payroll Coordinator
(214) 379-2806

Jayshree Mehta
Business Office

Senior Accountant
(214) 379-2825

James Picha
Business Office

(214) 379-2813

Brad Seiler
Business Office

Staff Acountant

John Smith
Risk Management

Director, Risk Management
(214) 379-2814

Fred Villela, CPA
Business Office

Director, Parish and School Financial Reporting
(214) 379-2801

Judy Wadsworth
Business Office

Mail Room Assistant