Why be Catholic?

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Why become Catholic?

Many reasons bring us to seek out a church community — a feeling that something is missing, a crisis, a major life change, or the gentle encouragement of a friend or family member.  Whatever your reason, we welcome you and look forward to you becoming a part of us.

Becoming Catholic is a process involves getting to know the Bible, Catholic teachings and practices, and Christian morality and values. It involves developing and deepening a life of prayer and a closer relationship with Jesus Christ, as well as building a relationship with a local Catholic community.  Participants prepare not only for the reception of the sacraments, but for a whole new way of life.

Ask Catholic friends and neighbors about their Church. Go with a Catholic friend, family member or co-worker to Mass. Ask questions.  Let the priest know that you are thinking about becoming Catholic and ask them when might be a good time to talk.

The basic beliefs of Catholicism are outlined in the Profession of Faith, a.k.a. the Creed, which is proclaimed at every Sunday Mass.  The resources below offer opportunities to explore and discover more information on the Catholic way of life.


The Catholic

Books, websites and other content about Catholicism

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The Rite of Christian Initiation (RCIA)

Parishes welcome new Catholics through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)

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Frequently Asked

Answers to commonly asked questions about becoming Catholic

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Resources to learn about the Catholic Faith


There is a big world (wide web) of Catholics publishing all sorts of information about becoming Catholic.


A website for those who are seeking - a network of Christians who, in their walk with Jesus, found themselves drawn home to the Catholic Church.

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Word on Fire, founded by Bishop Robert Barron, reaches millions of people by utilizing the tools of new media to draw people into or back to the Catholic Faith.

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Discover the history, beauty, spirituality and accomplishments of the Catholic Church, founded by Jesus Christ more than 2,000 years ago.

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Learn Catholicism on-the-go from some of the most popular Catholic podcasters.


Hosted by Cy Kellett and featuring a variety of expert guests, Catholic Answers Focus is a weekly podcast all about the reasons behind Church teaching.

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Fr. Josh Johnson is a young priest out of Louisiana. Each week, he answers questions submitted by listeners in a refreshing way.

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Listent to authentic catholic faith formation videos and programs, bible study, confirmation, sacrament preparation and insights from Fr. Mike Schmitz.

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If there is one thing Catholics do, it is write books. This is a sampling of books that make great companions on your journey.


A thorough, complete and popular catechetical summary of Catholic belief in print that is based on the universal Catechism of the Catholic Church.

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Why Do Catholics Do That?
Kevin Orlin Johnson, PH.D

A look at the basics of the faith and how it is manifested in worship, plus the most frequently asked questions on Catholic faith, worship, culture, and customs.

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Leads the reader from early Old Testament times through a world starting over in Jesus, and looking ahead to the time when Jesus will come again and we will share fully in his life.

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