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Adult Faith Formation Leaders
Department of Catechetical Services, Diocese of Dallas
September 6, 2016
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Taste of Alpha- Sept. 12
Forming Conciences for Faithful Citizenship- new session
Dallas Ministry Conference
Certificate in Pastoral Ministry
Online courses start this week
Catechetical Sunday resources
Fall cluster meetings for AFF leaders
Farewell to Jeanne Jakubowski and Charo Lavado
Evangelization workshop: sharing your story- Sept. 24
Webinar: Workplace Communication- Sept. 8
Monday, September 12, 2016 | 10:00 am - 11:30 am | St. Thomas Aquinas
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Taste of Alpha
Alpha is a tool for the New Evangelization.  It is an opportunity to explore life and the Christian faith in a friendly, open and informal environment.  On Sept. 12, learn everything you need to know to plan and run an effective Alpha in a Catholic Context.  Join Deacon Steve Mitchell, National Director of Alpha in a Catholic Context, as he  shares the encouraging impact of Alpha on Catholic churches and how it is helping to spread the Good News of Jesus.
Before I vote...
Workshops in English and Spanish on Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship
Facilitators will train participants to teach and encourage others at the local parishes to exercise their political rights and duties according to the teachings of the Church.

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Invite the whole parish to the biggest ministry event of the year!

Registration questions? Contact: Lauren Masty  972-721-4077

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Certificate in Pastoral Ministry at the University of Dallas Ann & Joe O. Neuhoff School of Ministry

This certificate program is a collaborative effort between the Diocese of Dallas and the University of Dallas.  It is designed to be the primary formation program for all ministry leaders, who will share a common core of courses and then specialize in a ministry area.  For example, one of the ministry endorsements is Adult Faith Formation.  Please share information about the certificate program.   Courses are offered in four locations.

How it Relates to the CCF
Online Courses for the Diocese of Dallas' Continuing Catechetical Formation Plan
Courses in the Continuing Catechetical Formation plan´s Basic Certificate will be offered in online modality in both English and Spanish, with the exception of Old and New Testament.  These courses are open to any adult interested in growing in the faith, as courses include introductions to the Creed, Morality, Scripture, and others.  Catechetical credit will be granted to the facilitated online courses listed in the flyer´s schedule.
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Catechetical Sunday Resources
This year's theme "The Faith Prayed" invites all the baptized to devote themselves to a deeper study and practice of prayer.  Various digital tools exist to assist adults in the ongoing journey to deepen their prayer lives.  For example, the USCCB Leadership Institute has webinars and vignettes (brief videos such as To Sing is to Pray Twice) to help unpack the theme.
Save the date!
The Adult Faith Formation Steering Committee will be sharing the newly established Diocesan Vision and Mission Statements for Adult Faith Formation.  Additionally, Tom McCabe from Ascension Press will be joining us to share the state of Adult Faith Formation from a National perspective.  All meetings are from 9:00am - 1:00pm.  
Add to calendar- St. Jude, Allen Oct. 18th
Add to calendar - Holy Spirit, Duncanville Oct 19th
Add to calendar - St. Monica, Dallas Oct. 20th
Jeanne Jakuboski, Associate Director
Jeanne is retiring after 18 years of service to our Diocese.  Read her note to us.
Charo Lavado, Associate Director
Charo will complement her ministry experience by pursuing an M.B.A.  Read her note to us.
We sincerely thank them for their dedication to the faith formation ministry and keep them in our prayers.
Evangelization Workshop at Mary Immaculate, Sept. 24th
Learn how to know, prepare and deliver your faith story and gain tips, strategies and resources for evangelization through your personal witness.
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Free Webinar:Workplace Communication
Provided as a free service of AmericanChurch Inc.  Not an endorsement.

How is the communication within your church office? Do all staff members feel in the loop? Is your staff communication limited to a staff meeting? How can you improve workplace communication toward a goal of a healthy communication root system? Scott Vaughan will share his ideas for how to make sure your church staff and volunteers are all working from the same playbook.

Register for Thurs. Sept. 8 at 9 AM CST
Register for Thurs. Sept. 8 at 1 PM CST

Department of Catechetical Services
Diocese of Dallas
3725 Blackburn St., Dallas TX 75219
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The Mission of the Department of Catechetical Services is to direct catechetical activity in the Diocese by providing parish leaders with guidance, support and resources that enable them to carry out their catechetical mission of forming Disciples of Christ.