Catholic Diocese of Dallas

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Adult Faith Formation Course Description

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How can we transmit a living, personal Catholic faith to future generations? By coming to know Jesus Christ, and following him as his disciples. 

There are immense challenges facing the Church today. Follow author Sherry Weddell through the steps that will help Catholics make the conscious choice to follow Jesus as his disciples, transforming parish life and ultimately the life of the whole Church.

This is an 8-week book study of Sherry Weddell’s book Forming Intentional Disciples where participants learn to recognize the different thresholds of conversion: were people at the trust stage? The curiosity stage? Or maybe they were already at the “openness” stage.  Participants learn what to do to help seekers get to the next level on their path to Jesus!

Each participant comes away from the study with more tools to help them evangelize in their daily lives. 

We are beginning a new group study that will kick off December 15, 2015 in the School Library at 6:30 p.m.  If you want to be a part of one of this 8-week book study, or for more information, please call the parish office and ask for Beth (972-243-7104 ext. 46) or email her at .