Catholic Diocese of Dallas

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Adult Faith Formation Course Description

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ANNUAL DAY OF HEALING for men affected by the loss of a child to abortion.
The men of Joseph will be there to walk with you through a day of healing for all men affected by this loss. It could be for the man who chose the abortion, fought against it, said absolutely nothing, didn’t know about it until too late, left the decision to others, paid for it,  drove there or simply married into the story and have seen it tear into the marriage as he struggles to understand her pain. It isn’t just for dad!! This is for any guy who has felt the story tear into his heart and leave him with regret, shame or pain. Come to a confidential day with the men of Joseph and Learn that all the ways you have seen it cut into your life, is what other guys have been living too and how your life can change completely by letting that burden go. Come discover what it means to be forgiven and how to receive that as the first step towards forgiving yourself. Are you ready to let this go and become the man God created you to be?

20 min. interview done on two of the men of Joseph by Guadalupe Radio Network:

Project Joseph is an outreach of Healing after Abortion, A Ministry of the The Catholic Pro-Life Committee of North Texas, Inc., a Non-Parish Based Organization. Advertising of any Non-Parish Based Organization events does not imply the endorsement by or knowledge of the activities of the following group.