Catholic Diocese of Dallas

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Adult Faith Formation Course Description

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506 Ecumenism


506. Ecumenism  This course introduces the learner to an understanding of the Catholic faith tradition in relation to other Christian traditions; the religious beliefs, gifts, values, and traditions commonly shared by the different Catholic churches and other Christian communities; and the significant ecclesiological renewal encouraged by Vatican II.

Objectives: At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Note the context of catechetical work in light of the Church’s teaching and American culture
  • Focus on the methods and content of Catholic formation on the ecumenical horizon
  • Look briefly at the churches with which we relate and note the level of relationship among Christian Communities
  • Identify the implications of the dialogues for catechesis in various areas
  • Survey the concerns important for sacramental preparation
  • Examine the process of dialoguing with faith traditions not of our faith 
  • Enumerate resources that can be helpful for unity
  • Familiarize with documents and bishop’s statements on ecumenical dialogue