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NCCL National Conference for Catechetical Leaders





  • GEMS (Great Endeavors Mined and Shared): an adult faith formation newsletter from an international best practices study
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  • The Alban Institute:  an independent center of learning and leadership development with a focus on congregations
  • Catholic Network for Adult Faith Formation:  provides resources and ideas to help those involved in adult faith formation in the Catholic community
  • Congregational Resource Guide:  helps religious leaders connect with resources that will enable them to face challenges and foster vitality in their communities of faith
  • Faith Formation Learning Exchange:  a source for research, practices and resources and approaches in faith formation across the whole life span
  • JESNA (The Jewish Education Service of North America): contains research, articles and resources for Jewish learning that is applicable to all congregations
  • Lifelong Faith:  Lifelong Faith is a catalyst for the development of Christian lifelong faith formation in congregations and households, increasing the capacity of leaders and communities to nurture faith growth for all ages and             generations
  • Pastoral Planning: providing high quality resources to parishes, especially in adult faith formation
  • Senior Adult Ministry:  teaching and learning resources to provide excellence in ministry for Christians in the second half of life