Adult Faith Formation

Covid-19 Resources 


With the new Covid-19 safety precautions in place and Masses suspended, adults are encouraged to deepen their faith at home.  Some resources that might be helpful to you during this time of Lent include:

Lectio Divina

The Latin phrase "lectio divina" means divine reading. It is a particular practice of prayerful meditative reading that the monastics developed in the early church. This is a great process for breaking open the Sunday Gospel at home by yourself or with your family.

Lectio Divina process for adults English

Lectio Divina process for adults Spanish

A Scriptural Way of the Cross for Lent, USCCB (see English and Spanish attached)
The Scriptural Way of the Cross was first introduced by Pope John Paul II.  This unique version can be used during this season of fasting, prayer and alms-giving.  It features reflections on global and national issues that we can all be praying for and images from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development's Multimedia Youth Contest.  Please use this for your own personal reflection, or with your parish, your school, your CCD class and friends.



Stations of the Cross video version English from American Bible Society

Stations of the Cross video version Spanish from American Bible Society

Prayer and Meditation along with fasting and almsgiving are considered the “big three” of Lenten practices. We focus on our relationship with God through prayer, our need for transformation through fasting and our connection to others, especially the poor and vulnerable through almsgiving.

Boost your daily prayer and meditation with one of these free online Catholic services:

Why fasting is one of the 3 pillars of Lent

Make some connections this Lent by giving to the poor and vulnerable

What if I haven’t done anything yet for Lent…is it too late to start?

No!  It is never too late to want a closer relationship with God and that is what Lent is all about.  A wise Bishop once said to an assembly of college students, “Often when we fail at something, we want to quit.  Lent is like that for a lot of people.  They try prayer, fasting and almsgiving but if they fail, they think it is over.  But we need the courage to start again with our God who is always there waiting for us.

Consider watching one or more of these short videos to reconnect with Lent and/or your Lenten practice:

Here are some additional online resources that may help you to deepen your Lenten practice at home:

Moving Faith Formation Online  - Webinar Video and more


Best Practice resources for this challenging time from Sr. Janet Schaeffler, OP 

Online Adult Faith Formation Resources  

Family Faith Formation

Faith Formation through Mission

Presentations on mission to parish or diocesan groups, e.g., what is mission, and why is it important? These can be 45 minutes to two days in duration. For the longer programs, I can bring in people from our other offices.

Presentations on Catholic Social Teaching, usually about an hour long. I could also do one of these at an AFF Gathering.

Formation for parish groups going on short-term mission trips. These ideally consist of a four-hour session before the group embarks and a two-hour session after they return.

Small faith communities Resources 

Forming Small Christian Communities

Small Community Leader Training

Evaluating Group Life

Lectionary-based Faith Sharing

  • Commentaries on the Sunday Readings
  • Prayer Time/Oremos (RENEW International) – A faith sharing resource book based on the Sunday readings.  Can be used personally or with a group. (available in ENGLISH)
  • Exploring the Sunday Readings/para meditar las Lecturas Dominicales (Alice Camille, Twenty-Third Publications) A monthly publication which makes a spiritual connection between Scripture and daily life. Each issue gives you opening and closing prayers to guide your meditations, easy-to-understand explanations that go straight to the heart of the readings, short commentaries on each reading, and practical questions for reflection.
  • Sunday by Sunday (Good Ground Press) - a four-page weekly publication that invites adults to reflect on the Sunday Gospel and Old Testament readings.

​​Theme-based Faith Sharing

Catholic Social Teaching

  • Faith in Action (Paulist Evangelization Ministries) - Discussion and sharing material for six sessions —all of them focused on the social teachings of the Church.

Ecology, Environment, Stewardship of the Earth, Laudato Si’

Faithful Citizenship

  • Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship: A Call to Political Responsibility USCCB, 2015

Family Faith Sharing

  • Family Faith Communities (Good Ground Press) - Easy to use, hands-on materials for family-based small Christian communities.  Offers step-by-step sessions to get a family based group started.  Includes 10 inter-generational gatherings and 10 Kitchen Table Pages for family at-home preparation.

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

  • The Spirit of Faith (Paulist Evangelization Ministries) – Discussion and sharing material for seven sessions—all of them focused on the gifts of the Holy Spirit.


  • Deepening Faith (Paulist Evangelization Ministries) - Discussion and sharing material for six sessions—all of them focused on the sacraments.


  • Empowering Faith (Paulist Evangelization Ministries) – Discussion and sharing material for seven sessions—concentrating on the three theological virtues and four cardinal virtues.

Year of Mercy, Forgiveness, Reconciliation, Mercy, Justice


CCF 704 Course 

Downloadable Resources

Publishing Companies

Research and Creative Engagement for Adult Faith Formation

Sample Job and Role Descriptions for Leaders