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Adult Faith Formation

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Adult faith formation is life-stage/generational addressing the unique life tasks, needs, interests, and spiritual journeys of people at each stage of adulthood.

Adult faith formation is missional – expanding and extending the church’s presence through outreach, connection, relationship building, and engagement with adults where they live.

Adult faith formation addresses the diverse life tasks and situations, needs and interests, and spiritual and faith journeys of adults in all 4 stages of adulthood.



Create Pathways and Playlists of Faith

Adult faith formation provides a variety of content, methods, formats, and delivery systems to address the diverse live tasks and situations, needs and interests,                                                                                                    spiritual and faith journeys  of adults.

Adult faith formation recognizes that learning and growth is a process of active inquiry with initiative residing in the adult learner and that adults are motivated to learn as they experience needs and interests that adult learning activities will satisfy.

Adult faith formation provides the opportunity for personalized and customized learning and faith growth, giving adults an active role in shaping their own learning and faith growth.

Adult faith formation is digitally enabled – blending gathered community settings with online environments and utilizing the abundance of digital media and tools for learning and faith formation.

Adult faith formation intentionally nurtures communities of learning and practice around shared interests, needs, life stages, and activities.

Young Adulthood (adults in their twenties and thirties)

Midlife Adulthood (adults in their forties and fifties)

Mature Adulthood (adults in their later fifties through early seventies)

Older Adulthood (adults in their mid-seventies and older)

Make a commitment to develop faith formation for every adult in your parish.  Adult formation for every adult is possible if we use twenty-first century practices, approaches, and resources.

Watch the video below from presenter John Roberto of Vibrant Faith Ministries to learn more and then check out the best practice links to assess your present formation and outreach with adults!