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Our Story:  A Bible Refresher for Catholics

The American Bible Society has created a wonderful Bible refresher course for Catholics.  You can use this in your parish or at home.  

American Bible Society


The Program

Our Story: A Bible Refresher for Catholics is not meant to be a comprehensive overview of the Bible nor a substantial Catholic Bible Study. It is just meant to reacquaint interested and curious adults with the general makeup of the Bible and the Catholic approach to it. It is hoped that this experience will empower participants to look inside the Scriptures for themselves. That’s why it comes with suggestions for further exploration and study (available in this downloadable document).

The content of Our Story is twofold: A basic video introduction to the Bible is followed by a few short exercises in which participants can engage with the Scriptures based on what interested them most during the video. These exercises can be used by individuals as they view the videos online, or by parish groups that might watch the videos together and discuss the questions.

Our Story has three video parts of approximately 15 minutes each, focusing on Old Testament, New Testament, and particular ways that Catholics interact with the Bible. Each video, in turn, consists of three short segments of about five minutes each. After each five-minute segment, participants are invited to go to their Bibles and privately complete one or two Scripture engagement exercises of their own choosing. The viewing group can then decide to further explore any of the Group Discussion questions. These exercises and discussion questions can all be found in this guide.

For More Information

Please contact Kevin Prevou, Associate Director of Adult Faith Formation, at (214) 379-2848 or