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Adult Faith formation Innovation Lab

Designing Adult Faith Formation in your parish! 

What would happen if we recognized and understood the four seasons of adulthood and then designed opportunities and experiences to engage and enrich adults in their faith in every parish?

We would begin with the transformation of persons rather than the transmission of content.  When the starting point is content and methodologies, we can lose the connection to the actual lived experience of the adults being served. John Roberto in his book, The Seasons of Adult Faith Formation, says, "Ministry among adults will succeed only if it starts and stays with their lived experience of the spiritual journey and uses strategies and techniques that help people name, reflect upon, and share with trusted others their lives as disciples of Jesus."
Join us November 3rd to learn more about the twenty-first century practices, approaches, and resources that guide the development and design of adult faith formation through the four seasons of adulthood. John Roberto from Vibrant Faith Ministries will be our presenter and guide for the workshop. 
It would be ideal for each parish to bring a team of 4-10 people to the workshop who can then go back to the parish to implement the design work that they began. But we want as many parishes in the Diocese to participate as possible - even at that means bringing 1 or 2 people. For more information contact Kevin Prevou at

Register Your Team

If you and your parish team missed the first workshop in August 2018, you can still participate in the November 3rd workshop!

Here's what to do:
  • Register yourself and/or your team.  Once registered, Kevin Prevou will contact you to go over everything you need to do to prepare for the November 3rd workshop.
  • Purchase the book, The Seasons of Adult Faith for each member of your team (English speakers only). Read chapters 1 and 2.
  • View the webinar: Faith Formation for the Generations & Seasons of Adulthood (embedded below).
  • Choose one of the Four Seasons of Adulthood that you wish to focus on immediately and conduct some research to better understand their particular needs (see Research Adults in Your Parish below for details about how to do this).
  • Look over the set of handouts given to participants at the August workshop      English   Español

Research Adults in Your Parish

In preparation for our November 3, 2018 workshop, please conduct research into your target audience for your adult faith formation projects. You can select one or more of these target audiences.
  1. Young Adults (20s-30s) - Millennials 
  2. Midlife Adults (40s-mid 50s) - Gen Xers
  3. Mature Adults (mid 50s-75) - Baby Boomers
  4. Older Adults (over 75) - Builders 
  5. Parents of children, teens, and/or young adults
  6. Grandparents

Determine your research method: You can conduct focus groups and/or a survey. Go to the Lifelong Faith website to download the Research Guide and the survey documents. Go to: Scroll down to the Research Tools.

If you want to conduct a survey and you would like to use my SurveyMonkey account, please contact me and I will provide instructions for modifying the survey questions and sending me the content you want on the survey. SurveyMonkey will produce a report of the findings that you can review prior to the November 3 workshop. 

If you are conducting focus groups, try to conduct at least two groups of up to 12 people each. Here are several guidelines: 

  1. Schedule focus group dates and locations.
  2. Invite a cross section of people from your target audience to each focus group.
  3. Assign two members to each focus group—one to record and one to lead the questioning.
  4. Develop one set of questions for the focus groups. Refer to the questions in the Research Guide. 
  5. Conduct the focus groups and compile individual reports for each focus group of the findings.
  6. Produce a summary report of the focus groups.
  7. Identify the most important needs of the target audience(s) to be addressed by designing new initiatives.
Bring the report of your Focus Group results to the November 3rd workshop at Mary Immaculate. 


Here are some additional webinars that might be of interest to you.





Innovation Labs are interactive, collaborative learning and design experiences for parish leadership teams to create new projects in faith formation. 

  • The goal of each Lab is to design and implement new initiatives that have the potential of being transformative for a parish faith community. 
  • Each Innovation Lab brings together parish teams from across the Diocese to design new strategies, programs, and activities to implement in their parish. 
  • Over a six month period, the parish leadership teams will meet for 2 day long workshops and 2 live webinars.  The bulk of the work will take place back in the parish. 
  • Click to download a PowerPoint presentation.  The PowerPoint has an audio track in which John Roberto walks you through the Innovation Lab process.  Consider using this with your parish team as an introduction to the Innovation Lab.


Adult Faith Formation Innovation Lab Dallas Diocese 

​Saturday Nov. 3, 2018          Workshop (8:30am-4pm)

December and January       2 Live 90 minute Webinars (will be                                                        scheduled at the November 3                                                               workshop)

Register Your Team

We ask that each person attending purchase the book: The Seasons of Adult Faith

Click on the book to order directly prior to the Innovation Lab. 

Note:  The book is only available in English so do not purchase for Spanish language attendees.  All handouts at the workshop will be available in English and Spanish.

Outline of the first workshop Saturday August 25, 2018 at St. Gabriel

Flyer for Adult Faith Formation Innovation Lab

Suggested criteria to gather a team

Are you stuck?

Meet John Roberto: Vibrant Faith Institute Coordinator and Innovation Lab Facilitator
John lives with his wife, Linda, in Naugatuck, Connecticut.
John Roberto is a member of the Vibrant Faith Executive Team and Project Coordinator for the Vibrant Faith Institute. 
He is the Founder and President of Lifelong Faith Associates, editor of the Lifelong Faith Journal and coordinator for the Faith Formation 2020 Initiative. 
For over four decades, John has provided consultation to churches and national organizations, taught courses and conducted workshops in faith formation. He has authored books and program manuals in youth ministry, family ministry and intergenerational faith formation.
We are incredibly thankful for his expertise and leadership!



Register Your Team

Information for Key Contact:

Please provide the following information about the person who will be the Key Contact for your parish throughout the Adult Faith Formation Innovation Lab.

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How many team members do you guestimate will attend?
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How many of your team members will need simultaneous translation into Spanish (best guess)?
What do you hope for your parish through participation in the adult faith formation innovation lab?
Would you like to receive a phone call to learn more about the innovation lab?


Information for Team Members:

Please provide the following information for the people from your parish who will participate in the Innovation Lab. 

NOTE: If you do not know the names of all your team members at this time, fill out as many as you can. You may always return to this form to include more people on your team. 

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For more information regarding Adult Faith Formation, please contact:

Kevin Prevou
Catechetical Services
Associate Director, Adult Faith Formation
(214) 379-2848