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Adult Faith formation Innovation Lab

Is it possible to provide quality faith formation for every adult?

We think it is possible for our parish faith communities but it will require some vulnerability to be open to creativity, innovation and change. The Adult Faith Formation Innovation Lab is an initiative to guide parish leadership teams in developing a plan that can engage every adult around their interests, concerns, questions, and spiritual and faith journeys; in designing new programming for young adults, midlife adults, mature adults, and/or older adults; and in utilizing digital media and methods to facilitate faith growth.
In the 21st century the abundance of high quality digital media and resource for adults, and the new online and digital tools and technologies makes it possible to provide faith formation for every adult.

What does innovation look like?  Watch this video clip from the movie Apollo 13 and then reflect on the questions below:

Reflection Questions:

Who are the adults in your parish?  People in their twenties and thirties?  Forties and fifties?  Sixties and seventies? Eighty plus? 
What are the obstacles your parish faces in your mission to evangelize and catechize the seasons of adults in your parish today?
We can only create the future being creative, persistent, resilient with the parts and pieces of what we have.  What are the resources you presently have available to innovate faith formation for adults in your parish? 
How can innovation help you to better accompany adults as they deepen their faith?

Innovation Labs are interactive, collaborative learning and design experiences for parish leadership teams to create new projects in faith formation
  • The goal of each Lab is to design and implement new initiatives that have the potential of being transformative for a parish faith community. 
  • Each Innovation Lab brings together parish teams from across the Diocese to design new strategies, programs, and activities to implement in their parish. 
  • Over a six month period, the parish leadership teams will meet for 2 day long workshops and 2 live webinars.  The bulk of the work will take place back in the parish. 
  • Click on the picture above to download a PowerPoint presentation.  The PowerPoint has an audio track in which John Roberto walks you through the Innovation Lab process.  Consider using this with your parish team as an introduction to the Innovation Lab.


Adult Faith Formation Innovation Lab Dallas Diocese 

​Saturday ​Aug. 25, 2018          St. Gabriel McKinney                                                                               1st  Workshop (8:30am-4pm)

​Monday Oct. 1, 2018              Live 90 minute Webinar​ ( will                                                                 finalize date and time                                                                            at the August 25th workshop)

Saturday Nov. 3, 2018          2nd Workshop (8:30am-4pm))

Thursday, Jan. 10, 2018       Live 90 minute Webinar (will finalize                                                    date and time at the August 25th                                                          workshop) 

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Flyer Adult Faith Formation Innovation Lab 

Consider this as you gather a team to innovate

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Please contact Kevin Prevou, Associate Director of Adult Faith Formation, at (214) 379-2848 or




For more information regarding Adult Faith Formation, please contact:

Kevin Prevou
Catechetical Services
Associate Director, Adult Faith Formation
(214) 379-2848

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