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Sign Up for Advocacy Day Participation
By Phone or Email

Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page if you would like more information about the 2017 Advocacy Day as well as other activities involving particular legislative issues of interest. These include those regarding Protecting Human Life, Children & Families, Health & Human Services, Justice for Immigrants, Protecting the Poor & Vulnerable, Criminal Justice, and other issues identified by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops..

We need advocates to call or email their State Senator and State Representative to notify him or her that (1) you are in support of the Catholic Advocates visiting the capitol and (2) the specific legislation you support or oppose.   

Please sign up below to let us know you participated by phone/email, and click on the links below to find all the information you need to exercise your Faithful Citizenship from home:

We also need your prayers! Click here to find the Prayer for Advocacy Day (includes a general prayer and children's prayer in English and Spanish)

**Please Note:  All advocacy in conjunction with Catholic Advocacy Day must reflect the position of the Texas Bishops.  (Learn more about the positions of the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops by visiting our Resources Page)**

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How you can make a difference with phone calls and emails

Phone Calls:

Below is a suggested call script to use to support Catholic Faith in Action Advocacy Day. Callers may personalize the script, but are asked to stick to the main point, which is support for the legislative agenda to be presented by Catholic Advocates.

We are asking you to call the day before because that will alert the staff that constituents are interested in these issues and that the information should not just be filed away and forgotten!

To locate the email address of your State Representative and State Senator, enter your home address at

If the staff person asks for any specific information, please tell them that someone from the diocesan ministries or the Texas Catholic Conference will contact them with that information. Then contact your diocesan coordinator with the question to forward those details to the Texas Catholic Conference.

Call Script To Use

Call Script for 2017's 85th legislative session coming soon!



Emailing your legislators to advocate for the Texas Bishops’ Legislative Agenda can be done separately or in conjunction with a phone call to add impact. Below is a suggested email message for you to use. You may personalize this script, but please stick to the main points, which support the agenda that will be presented by Catholic advocates.

To locate the email address of your State Representative and State Senator, enter your home address at From there, you can click on your Senator and Representative’s web pages to find their email contact form, or you can call their office and ask for an email address.

Email Message text  for 2017's 85th legislative session coming soon!


Follow-Up After Catholic Faith in Action Advocacy Day

Your advocacy doesn’t end here! The key to being an effective public policy advocate is to stay engaged in the process. Keep up-to-date on the Bishops’ public policy initiatives and follow-up on their Action Alerts by joining the Texas Catholic Network.

It’s free and you’ll get an inside view of the important issues shaping Catholic life here in the Lone Star State with updates on our Bishops’ public policy work in Washington and the Texas Capitol, exciting live events, and the Texas Catholic Voice e-newsletter. Unite your voice with the Bishops of Texas and thousands of other Lone Star Catholics today!

Join by creating an account at and signing up for emails.