Advocacy Day 2023



Thousands of Texas Catholics came to the Texas Capitol on Tuesday, March 28, 2023 to promote life, dignity and the common good. The bi-annual rally is hosted by the Texas bishops to promote the Church's values of Life, Justice Charity, and Religious Freedom to Member of the Texas Legislature.

The Bishops and event participants made office visits to Texas lawmakers and then took to the steps to the Austin Capitol to spur on important issues including:


School Choice

Make educational choice a win-win for everyone – contact your legislator now!

Giving parents choices for their children’s education doesn’t mean some schools win and others lose. It means ALL our children, regardless of their parents’ income level or where they live, can have access to more choices. Let your legislator know about our priorities when it comes to parental choice: Go to to learn how to contact them and which bills we support.

Who should be at the front of the line? Let your legislator know your choice!

Governor Greg Abbott has stated parental choice in education is a priority for the 88th Texas Legislature. Our Catholic bishops are asking legislators to give priority to the poor and vulnerable. Let your legislator know that we believe students with the greatest academic and financial need should be first in line for funds that can be used at fully accredited schools. Go to for details on what bills meet that criterion and how you can inform your representatives.

Parental choice isn’t about schools. It’s about our kids. Tell our legislators!

There’s a lot of misinformation about what happens when parents are given the resources to do what they know is best for their children. Please tell your legislator the facts and which bills meet our priorities as Catholics. Go to to support parents in fulfilling their rights and responsibilities to provide a good education for their children at schools held to academic accountability.

Cutting through the noise at the Texas Legislature

There are more than 5,000 bills that have been filed in the 88th Texas Legislature and lots of buzz about school choice which isn’t always accurate. What bills best meet the priorities of our faith? Tell your representatives which bills are your priorities; go to and get started!



  • Life and Family Life

  • Immigration

  • Restorative Justice

  • Healthcare

  • Social Concerns

  • Religious Liberty

  • Creation




Video of the rally can be found on the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishop's Facebook page.

Bishop Burns takes to the podium about 9 minutes into this Facebook live video!

The Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops has closely looked at bills that are important to Catholics in North Texas, including those that advance parental choice for schools that would allow parents opportunities to truly exhibit their sacred responsibility of educating their children.

Explore these 88th Legislative Session Priorities from the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops. 







What draws thousands of Catholics to Austin's Capitol every two years?
Learn more about Catholic Advocacy Day, March 28, 2023, with this video! 










Want to find out who your lawmaker is in Austin?

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