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As Christian adults, we have a moral and legal responsibility and are entrusted by God with the spiritual, emotional and physical well being of minors and vulnerable adults as they participate in activities within or sponsored by our Diocese. It is our responsibility and commitment to provide an environment which is safe and nurturing.

In order to achieve the above, the diocese has a Safe Environment Program that implements training, screening, background checks and other procedures that are designed to reduce the risk of sexual abuse of children and vulnerable adults. Every parish, school and Diocesan agency has the program and each is responsible for program implementation and continuation.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Safe Environment Training

1)    Who needs to be Safe Environment trained in parishes and schools?

Safe Environment Screening procedures are to be used with staff and volunteers who work directly with minors and vulnerable adults.  Other volunteers who must follow the screening procedures are ushers/greeters.  

2)    What are the steps of the Safe Environment screening procedure?

  1. Screening form. All staff and volunteers must complete the screening form. Volunteers should have attended the parish for six months in order to become well known by the other adults and leaders. The pastor or his designate can grant a waiver of the six-month rule.
  2. Employment application. Those applying for a paid position must complete an employment application as well as screening form.
  3. Reference Check.  Complete a reference check from the references listed on the screening form and application.  Maintain a written record of each reference check using safe environment reference information.
  4. Interview.  Interview each new applicant using  Safe Environment Interview Form.
  5. Criminal Background Check.  Conduct a criminal background check on clergy and staff.   Also, conduct a criminal background check on all volunteers who work with minors and vulnerable adults as well as ushers/greeters. All criminal background checks must be updated every two (2) years through a Diocesan approved vendor (currently Accutrak).

 All collected information is to be treated as confidential.

3)    Which initial training should be attended when a person is getting Safe Environment trained for the first time?

All clergy, volunteers and employees must attend “Standard Sexual Abuse Awareness Training (MinistrySafe). Use this link  Diocese of Dallas SEP Page.

4)    What are the steps of completing the annual renewal process for the Safe Environment certification?

Use this link and choose one of the training options listed for the yearly update: Diocese of Dallas SEP Page



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