Speak in the LighT           Lenten Scripture Journey

Join Catholics throughout the Diocese of Dallas this Lent to break open Scripture, encounter Jesus in the Word, and share your faith with others.

Catechetical Services of the Diocese of Dallas, in collaboration with the American Bible Society, would like to invite every parish to consider participating in Speak in the Light (Matt. 10:27), a Lenten Scripture Journey.

Participants in the program will receive a Bible with a personalized dedication from Bishop Burns.  The program includes a weekly video segment and faith sharing session (one hour), designed to help break open Scripture, encounter Jesus in the Word, and share faith during Lent.  The program is available in both English and Spanish.

  • Video 1:  Old Testament Overview- Mark Hart
  • Video 2: New Testament Overview– Mark Hart
  • Video 3: Catholic approach to scripture and liturgical connection to scripture - Kevin Saunders (Phoenix Bible School)
  • Video 4: Lectio Divina– Fr. Dempsey Acosta
  • No video: I Can Speak in the Light session

There is no cost to parishes to participate!  When we receive your order, you will receive, before Ash Wednesday, links for the video components, PDF’s of the weekly process questions and the “I Can Speak in the Light” complete final session (which you can use the week before Easter week or the week after Easter).  Additionally, you can order a FREE Bible for each participant, in English or Spanish, with a dedication from Bishop Burns - while our supplies last.  So…order early!

Simply click on the link below to submit your order.  You will be asked for the name of your parish, name and contact information of the person filling out the form, name of the person(s) that will be leading the small faith-sharing group(s), the number of people you expect will participate, and the number of bibles you need for participants in English and/or Spanish.  The Catholic English language bible is the latest approved New American Bible revised edition.  The Catholic Spanish language Bible is Dios Habla Hoy.

Note: This sign-up is for parish groups not individuals. If you are a parishioner, please contact your parish leader or pastor to participate.

American Bible Society



We are deeply grateful to the American Bible Society for partnering with us on this Lenten Bible Journey. The Mission of the American Bible Society (ABS) is: "Making the Bible available to every person in a language and format each can understand and afford, so all people may experience its life-changing message."  The Bibles with a dedication from Bishop Burns that are available to every participant in English or Spanish, are a gift from ABS.  Additionally we would like to thank Mike Carotta and the staff of ABS for the amazing work they did to create the videos, leader guide and user guide for Sessions 1, 2 and 3.

Speak in the Light Lenten Scripture Journey Participation and Bible Order Form

For More Information

Please contact Kevin Prevou, Director, Lay Formation and Family Ministries, at (214) 379-2848 or


Parish Leader Resources

Session Guides and Handouts for Speak in the Light /Todos Volantes para participantes Hablar a Plena Luz  in one place, click on the Manual link below. All of the other files below are included in the manual and are only listed seperately for those people wanting easy access to a particular session.

Speak in the Light Leader Manual  English

Hablar a plena Luz Guías para el Líder y volantes en un solo lugar, haga clic en el enlace del Manual a continuación. Todos los demás archivos a continuación están incluidos en el manual y solo se enumeran por separado para aquellas personas que desean acceder fácilmente a una sesión en particular.

Hablar a Plena Luz Manual  Spanish

Just the handouts in one place, click on the link choices below. 

English      PDF Version      Word Version

Spanish    PDF Version      Word Version


Speak in the Light Leader Overview English

Hablen en la Luz Resumen del líder  


Sample handout to participants/Ejemplo de volante para los participantes

Handout A2 Family Prayers/Oraciones Familiares
This is a resource from the USCCB for Lent.                                                                        Give families that participate in                                                                                            Speak in the Light/Hablar En Plena Luz                                                                                     a copy or put a link on your webpage                                                                                  where they can easily find it.

Leader Guides, Handouts and Videos for Individual Sessions

Leader Guide for Sessions 1, 2, and 3 English

Find the videos for Sessions 1,2, and 3 at:

Session 1, 2, 3 Videos

Handouts Session 1, 2,3

Hablen en la Luz Guía del Líder Sesiones 1, 2, 3 Spanish

Los videos para sesiones 1, 2 y 3 se estan aqui: 

Videos para sesiones 1, 2 y 3

Material de Estudio para sesiones 1, 2 y 3 

Leader Guide for Session 4:  Leccio Divina PDF   Word

Handout 4a:  Lectio Divina Practice Option 1 PDF   Word 

Handout 4b: Lectio Divina Practice Option 2  PDF   Word

Handout 4c:  DOWNLOAD FULL-SIZED PDF This is the Lectio Divina pamphlet from the American Bible Society (click on the PDF symbol to download and print) or put a link on your webpage where they can easily find it).




GUÍA para el LÍDER Sesión 4: Lectio Divina Spanish PDF   Word

Material de Estudio 4a: Lectio Divina Práctica  PDF   Word

Material de Estudio 4b: Lectio Divina Práctica  PDF   Word

Material de Estudio 4c: Invitación a orar con la "Lectio Divina" PDF   Word

Session 5 I Can Speak in the Light English PDF   Word

Handout 5: I Can Speak in the Light PDF   Word

Sesión 5: Puedo Hablar en la Luz  PDF   Word

Material de Estudio 5: Puedo Hablar en la Luz PDF   Word

Speak in the Light Participant Online Survey English

Speak in the Light Survey Hard Copy English

Encuesta de Hablen en la Luz PDF   Word


Helpful tools for Leaders 

Speak in the Light Parish Leader Packet  PDF   Word

PCL Letter - Speak in the Light  PDF  

Speak in the Light Logo (PNG)

Speak in the Light Information Flyer English  

Speak in the Light Information Flyer Spanish

Speak in the Light Leader's Guide incomplete English 

Sample Bulletin Announcements for Speak in the Light English 

Social Media Graphics (click to view and download)