Catholic Diocese of Dallas

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Pastoral Services

Pastoral Services Calendar of Events

Pastoral Care Ministry Training for Staff and Volunteers

Emergency Baptism & Confirmation Information

We, the Pastoral Services department of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Dallas through prayer, formation and advocacy embrace diverse cultures throughout the different ministries in the Diocese so that together, as the Catholic Church, we may continue the mission of Christ in the World.

Deacon Charlie Stump
Director of Pastoral Services
(214) 379-2882

Eloisa Cortinas
Administrative Assistant to Director of Pastoral Services
(214) 379-2883


Pastoral Ministries:


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NEW! Summary Regarding Emergency Baptism and Confirmation of Infants and Adults

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Melissa Waldon
Disabilities and Deaf Ministries [Pastoral Services]

Coordinator of Disabilities Ministries
(214) 379-2895