Catholic Diocese of Dallas

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The following is a list of online courses currently scheduled.  Participants will have one or two weeks depending on the course to progressively complete the readings, watch the videos, answer the instructor's questions on the discussion board, post at least two replies to peers' comments, complete the assessments, and complete any supplementary assignments. It is expected that participants will dedicate time every day, throughout the week, for a total time of at least 5-7 hours per week, depending on the individual's pace.  You may log in at anytime each day to complete the assignments.

Take all of the courses in this schedule in online modality or mix and match courses in online and face-to-face modalities.  If you intend to take at least one online course listed, also select the Technology Fee. Only pay the technology fee once, which will give you the access to the online system for one year from the activation of your personal code.  Flyer for Online Courses Offered in English

Cursos En Línea En Español       All courses:

Item Description Price Select
Tech Fee

Mandatory Technology Fee for Online Courses. One-time, non-refundable fee to access the online system for one year.  You will receive a personal activation code to create your account.

Cuota de Tecnología para Cursos en Línea.  Esta cuota que se paga una vez y te da acceso al sistema en línea por un año.  Recibirás un código personal para que puedas acceder al material en línea.