Natural Family Planning

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Thank you for visiting our Natural Family Planning (NFP) information page.  We hope you find this information helpful as you discern your cooperation with God in His creation plan and discover the benefits and advantages of a safe, healthy and effective way of planning your family. 

Natural Family Planning (NFP) is a thoroughly researched, safe, medically effective and family-supportive method of fertility regulation which can be used either to achieve or avoid pregnancy.

NFP is completely natural. It is simply a method of recognizing and charting the easily observable signs of fertility exhibited by a woman's body. Then by applying a few simply guidelines, these observations can be used by a couple to avoid a pregnancy or to assist in achieving one. Studies by the World Health Organization have concluded that couples who learn the Ovulation Method from a certified instructor and apply the guidelines conscientiously can achieve a 98.6-99 percent effectiveness rate in avoiding pregnancy.