Living the Eucharist


It’s easy to be discouraged about certain directions in today’s experience of faith. So, wouldn’t it be great to offer your parishioners an experience they’ll find inspirational, hopeful, and empowering this Lent?

Now you can!


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How Living the Eucharist

Can Transform Your Parish During Lent 2020, here!


Living the Eucharist is the beloved Lenten renewal ministry that has helped reignite faith, build community, and empower disciples in more than 1,200 parishes (and counting) nationwide.  
Through practical, concrete activities and easy-to-use resource materials, Living the Eucharist helps the entire parish—adults, teens, and families—grow in their faith and live as disciples of Jesus who carry out the Church’s mission every day.
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Learn about Living the Eucharist

Introduction to Living the Eucharist English Webinar   
Introduction to Living the Eucharist Spanish Webinar   

Revitalize Parish Life and Mission

Living the Eucharist is a dynamic, parish-based program designed to help revitalize parish life and mission through a more profound experience of Sunday Mass. It helps the entire parish—adults, teens, and families—grow in their Catholic faith and live more fully as missionary disciples of Jesus.

Living the Eucharist runs during Lent for three years. Parishioners can take part in adult and teen faith-sharing groups, family activities, devotional and catechetical Lenten readings, and a prayer campaign.

The multi-media program materials are comprehensive, proven, and easy to use. Ongoing support keeps your parish on the right track throughout the program.

Pope Benedict XVI’s apostolic exhortation, The Sacrament of Charity, inspired Living the Eucharist. This exhortation calls on all Catholics to renew our experience of the Sacrament of the Eucharist as a mystery to be believed, a mystery to be celebrated, and a mystery to be lived.

Living the Eucharist renews and heightens parishioner involvement in the Sunday Eucharist, helps parishioners connect the celebration of the Eucharist more closely with the mission of Jesus Christ and the Church, and inspires them to live more intentionally as missionary disciples of Jesus during the week.

Multi-media program materials engage parishioners in the medium that speaks most meaningfully to them. All Living the Eucharist materials are available in English and Spanish.

For more information view the Introductory and Presentation videos, download a brochure, and read What People Are Saying About Living the Eucharist. Order your Parish Starter Kit here.

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