Catholic Diocese of Dallas

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Human Resources

The Human Resources department of the Catholic Diocese of Dallas provides services to the diocese in the recruitment and training of employees, and in the administration of benefits and compensation. Human Resources also assists departments and offices in meeting their staffing goals, promoting equal opportunities, managing job performance and interpreting policy. Furthermore, HR supports employees and their supervisors in reconciling differences and achieving harmony to promote effective work relationships that adhere to the values of a Catholic institution.

The Office of Human Resources is responsible for developing and administering a Diocesan-wide personnel program that includes employment, labor relations, benefits, compensation, staff training and development, as well as the development of any related policies.

For Job Information: Diocese of Dallas Job Opportunities


Human Resource Forms and Information



Human Resource Contacts:


Laura Tornaquindici
Human Resources

Chief Human Resources Officer
(214) 379-2802

Elsa V. Espinoza
Human Resources

Human Resources Generalist
(214) 379-2824


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