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Diocese of Dallas Medical Mission to Honduras


Due to violence in Honduras, the U.S. State Department issued a “Travelers Warning” on November 21, 2012.  The Diocese of Dallas has a policy that states it cannot support missions into countries that have Travelers Warnings.  As a result of this warning, all mission trips to Honduras are on “hold” until the warning is lifted.  The Embassy in Honduras has had several virtual on-line “Town Hall” meetings discussing the changes that the Honduras government has been implementing to improve the safety for Americans traveling in Honduras. This encourages us to think that a change may be coming about in the future.  We went through this process in 2008 and I am hopeful that we will see a change in the State Department policy soon.

In this time that we are not able to travel into Honduras it is my hope that we can create new ways of supporting the mission by developing ways to support and scholarship education programs, providing medicine for the poor, even dreaming of building a Catholic Medical Clinic for the poor, and evangelization through RCIA. I would like to continue to develop plans for our mission relationship and help prepare missionaries for when we can return.

Read full letter from Deacon Charlie Stump by clicking here.



March 2-8, 2013


Even though Medical Brigades are common to Honduras, Bishop Luis Solé of our sister Diocese of Trujillo has asked that our medical teams be identified as a “Mission of the Catholic Church” -- the healing hands of Jesus reaching out to the people of Honduras.   Health care in the country of Honduras is limited only to those people that can afford to pay for it; health insurance is not part of their vocabulary.  The government does provide limited service to the poor put it still has a price placed on it. 

The medical teams consist of an ophthalmologist, pediatricians, family practice Medical_Mission_2006_062.jpgdoctors, nurses, translators and medical assistants. This year we are very excited to announce that our Mission Team has expanded to serve three locations.  This year we will be serving the Communities of Sonaguera, Bonito Oriental, and Tocoa.  The teams, depending on how many doctors we may have, will normally see around 950 patients in four days at each location and give out over 400 pairs of used glasses that have been donated by the people of the Diocese of Dallas.  Common problems documented are many aches and pains from hard work, asthma, malaria, children with parasites, machete wounds and dry eyes.  

Medical_Mission_2006_124.jpgThe Medical Mission trip is funded by your donation of $1500 for each participant to provide for airlines, hotel, in country transportation, meals, water, and taxes. 

Do not think that if you are not a medical professional you are unable to go on a medical mission.   If we have four doctors at each location, we will need at least eight nurses and 15 to 20 lay support people to serve the mission -- speaking Spanish is not a requirement.  Please pray about this life-changing experience as an opportunity to come face-to-face with Jesus in the people of our sister Diocese of Trujillo, Honduras.

For more information contact the Office of Pastoral Services at 214-379-2883 for more information or  

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Medical Mission to Honduras Application Forms:

Online Application Form - Medical Mission to Honduras 

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