Entity Financial Management Policies and Procedures


Diocese of Dallas Policies on
Financial Management and Administration
For Diocesan Entities

The following is a list of policies and related procedures governing financial management and administration of diocesan entities. A diocesan entity (“Entity”) means any parish, parochial school, diocesan high school, seminary, Catholic Charities of Dallas, Inc., St. Joseph’s Residence, Inc., Texas Catholic Newspaper or Calvary Hill Cemetery.

These policies are intended to provide consistent, uniform guidance over the management of the Entity’s financial activities in such a way that our donors, students’ families, clergy, volunteers and employees can be assured of the prudent, ethical, honest management of our financial resources.

No set of policies can cover all circumstances. Each Entity, its clergy, management and employees are expected to use sound, ethical judgment, abide by federal, state and local laws and ordinances,  and certainly follow the Ten Commandments. 

1.  Parish Finance Council
2.  Budgets
3.  Accounting Systems
4.  Accounting Standards Handbook
5.  Audits, Financial Reviews and Financial Reporting Requirements
6.  Investment of Funds
7.  Revenues (collections, donations, carnivals, bingo, poker and raffles, etc.):
     (See Accounting Standards Handbook at 4. above for policies)

8.  Accepting Donations of Real Estate
9.  Purchases or Sales of Real Estate
     a. Summary & Checklist
10. Special Collections
11. Expenditures
12. Expense Reimbursements
13. Annual Appeal and Parish Assessments
14. Use of Entity Facilities
15. Benevolence and Discretionary Funds
16. Prohibition of Debit Cards
17. Construction and Major Renovations
      Approval Process
      Diocesan Building Commission
      Diocesan Committee for Sacred Places
      Owner’s Representative
      General Contractor
      Insurance Requirements
      Construction Policy
        a. Summary & Checklist
18. Leases
19. Financing
20. Group Health Insurance
21. Retirement Benefits
      Priests Defined Benefit Pension Plan
      Priests 403B Plan
      Priests’ Other Post-Retirement Benefits
      Lay Employees 403B Plan
22. Casualty Insurance
23. Legal Counsel and Litigation
24. Tax Exemptions
      Sales Tax
      Property Taxes
25. Fundraising Campaigns and Grant Applications