Catholic Diocese of Dallas

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Catholic Diocese of Dallas
Catholic Diocese of Dallas
Dear Charo

Thank you for registering for the Department of Catechetical Services email communication list.  We hope to provide you with useful resources and information for the faith formation ministry.


Estimado(a) Charo,

Gracias por registrarte para recibir comunicación del Departamento de Servicios de Catequética.  Te enviaremos información y recursos que te ayuden en tu ministerio o en tu crecimiento personal en la fe. 
Department of Catechetical Services
Diocese of Dallas
3725 Blackburn St., Dallas TX 75219
Mail  :
Call Us  :  1-214-379-2848
The Mission of the Department of Catechetical Services is to direct catechetical activity in the Diocese by providing parish leaders with guidance, support and resources that enable them to carry out their catechetical mission of forming Disciples of Christ.