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Faith formation with a new generation Innovation Lab


Faith Formation with a New Generation of Children and their Parents

      Overview with Key Workshop Dates

The Faith Formation with a New Generation of Children and Their Parents Innovation Lab for the Diocese of Dallas includes five components over a six month time-frame:
  1. February 12th, 2019, Tuesday – A one-day “Envisioning Faith Formation” Workshop for parish leadership teams that presents the vision and practice of faith formation with children and their parents; and a variety of models and approaches for bringing the vision to life in a parish.  Location: St. Mark Catholic Church/Plano  9am-3pm
  2. March and April 2019 –  Planning work in the parish and Webinar
  3. April 30th, 2019, Tuesday – A one-day “Designing Faith Formation Workshop” to guide parish teams in creating new or enhanced programming with children that integrates intergenerational relationships and faith experiences, parent faith formation, and peer group faith formation; and that incorporates digital methods and approaches into faith formation with the new generation. Location: St. Mark Catholic Church/Plano  9am-3pm
  4. May 2019 – Design work in the parish
  5. June 6th, 2019, Thursday – A 90-minute online Implementation Webinar for all leadership teams to plan for implementing their new initiatives
  • The goal of each Lab is to design and implement new initiatives that have the potential of being transformative for a parish faith community. 
  • Over a six month period, the parish leadership teams will meet for 2 day long workshops and 2 live webinars.  The bulk of the work will take place back in the parish.

All participating parishes will have access to online Tools and Resources to support design work, and Networking among congregations to share projects and ideas.

Although there is no charge for the Innovation Lab, we ask that each person attending purchase the book: Faith Formation with a New GenerationClick on the book to order directly prior to the Innovation Lab. Note:  The book is only available in English so do not purchase for Spanish language attendees.  All handouts at the workshop will be available in English and Spanish.

Contact Beth Wright, Associate Director, Children’s Ministry for more information: g.

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Flyer for Faith Formation for a New Generation of Children and their Parents Innovation Lab -English

Flyer for Faith Formation for a New Generation of Children and their Parents Innovation Lab -Spanish

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For more information regarding Children's Ministry, please contact:

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