Catholic Diocese of Dallas

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Catechetical Services

Courses for Catechists or Interested Adults

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  • New!  Certificate of Pastoral Ministry offered at four locations starting this fall

Diocesan Catechetical Guidelines

Sacramental Resources

 Catechetical Policies

 Catechetical Documents

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Department of Catechetical Services is to direct catechetical activity in the Diocese by providing parish leaders with guidance, support and resources that enable them to carry out their catechetical mission of forming Disciples of Christ.

The office assists parishes in fulfilling the Six Tasks of Catechesis:

  1. Knowledge of the Faith
  2. Liturgical Education
  3. Moral Formation
  4. Teaching to Pray
  5. Education for Community Life
  6. Missionary Initiation (NDC #20)

Catechetical Services Contacts:

Joe Fredrickson
Catechetical Services

Associate Director, Parish Outreach and Evangelization
(214) 379-3171

Sr. Beatriz Martinez-Garcia, SSND
Catechetical Services

Associate Director, Continuing Catechetical Formation
(214) 379-2852

Kevin Prevou
Catechetical Services

Associate Director, Adult Faith Formation
(214) 379-2848

Maria Varela
Catechetical Services

Administrative Assistant
(214) 379-2847

Cheryl Orwig Whapham
Catechetical Services

Director of Catechetical Services
(214) 379-2851

Beth Wright
Catechetical Services

Associate Director, Children's Ministry
(214) 379-2850