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Our Lady of Angels Faith Formation – “Meeting Parents Where They Are”

Our Lady of Angels is offering a few of new options to better serve our PreK thru 5th grade families for the 2019-2020 school year.

Adult Formation

We changed our Sunday faith formation schedule this year so that classes do not take place during any of the Mass times. This gave parents an incentive to attend Adult Formation while their children were in class. Currently parents are enjoying The 99 Series from Ascension Press. Adult “Sunday School” was a new concept for our families, but we are getting a lot of positive feedback about the content of the program from the parents that attend. Another added benefit from this is that parents are making connections with other parents that they might not otherwise cross paths with.

At-Home Formation

Our family has enjoyed the At-home formation this year! It has brought some very in depth conversations we wouldn't normally wouldn't have had, it's great!

The At-Home Faith Formation motivates our family to study, pray, and learn together on our faith journeys.

  • It allows you to learn together as a family! The lessons easily flow into our regular activities and blend well with how we live our lives as a Catholic family.
  • The lessons are structured for all knowledge levels. I have a fourth grader and a ninth grader. Both of them are enjoying the lessons and it's been a good experience for my spouse who is not Catholic as well.

For those families whose schedules are not conducive to attending our traditional classroom sessions, we are offering an At-Home Formation program. We had 29 families sign up for the program this year. The parents attended an initial instructional workshop in the summer where they received their materials. We chose Sophia Institute’s A Family of Faith curriculum. We also send them monthly instructional videos that describe the upcoming month’s lessons, for additional support. We will offer another workshop for the At-Home families in January to give them an opportunity to share ideas and suggestions with each other, and to give us a chance to find out what is working and not working with this new program. We have gotten some great feedback from our families that are in this program.

We like that it is something we do together as a family and we get to hear directly from our kids their questions and/or thoughts on the topics we are discussing.  We like that we are able to target specific topics and possibly go a little more in depth on them than they would in a classroom setting.  At least for our family, we are very happy that we have been able to participate in at home faith formation programs this year.

 One family said: “For us, my son’s crazy sports schedule is always a hindrance to CCD. The At Home formation program is a great way for us to a) accommodate his schedules, b) I get to  ensure he's paying attention to what we're going over and most importantly c) get to spend  time together going over the Catholic faith.”

Another family said: “I was surprised at how much I have actually learned while doing these lessons with my children”.

Quarterly Family Events

This year we have also included 4 quarterly “family events” in our faith formation calendar for all families that are registered in our programs. These events take the place of our regular classes for those particular dates, and serve as an opportunity for parents to interact with their children in meaningful ways. These events also help our “at home” families to still feel part of our community. The family events we offered this year are a service project for a homeless shelter, an Advent Festival, Kids Against Hunger project, and a Stations of the Cross play. We have found that the families that attend these events really do enjoy them.

We want to thank the Diocese for offering the Innovative Workshops last spring that served as a spring board for helping us to “think outside of the box”.

 - Sandy Hernandez, Elementary Faith Formation Coordinator, Our Lady of Angels Catholic Church, 469-467-9669 ext. 106,     

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