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St. Ann Children’s Religious Education in Spanish

Since the start of quarantine at St. Ann's, having not finished up the courses of Formation of Faith and Sacramental Preparation, the Children’s Ministry in Spanish began offering classes via Zoom every Monday, beginning on April 13th and up to present day. This was done with the intention of maintaining strong faith as a community, as well as allowing children and parents alike to find spiritual support within their parish and have fun in a safe and stress-free manner. The meetings only last an hour, each beginning with a prayer and a song, followed by breaking out into virtual rooms where we play games and do various crafts. Every craft we do requires very simple materials that one can find around the house, such as notebook paper, crayons, glue, cereal, etc. For example, some of the crafts we've done include: a rosary made with cheerios and string to honor our Sacred Mother Mary, a paper flower to celebrate Mother's Day, a small flame to remember the coming of the Holy Spirit during Pentecost, and a heart home for the Holy Ghost, amongst others. All these activities were possible thanks to the help of 12 wonderful catechists that made a commitment to show up punctually every Monday from 6 to 7 pm, to whom we are eternally grateful. We would also like to thank our director, Katie Woolums, for her trust and support in these challenging times.

Best Regards,           

Yolanda Lua Coordinator of Formation of Faith in Spanish

Ruth Rivadeneyra Coordinator of Sacramental Preparation for Children in Spanish




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